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We guarantee our customers complete services for sea, air,  road and railways.
We provide logistic and transport solutions for all company production needs with reactivity and flexibility, guaranteeing a personalized service based on the customer's requests.

Shipments with special vehicles and / or permits:

  • vehicles with permanent permits;

  • means for normal transport;

  • means for exceptional transport throughout Europe and Eastern European countries;

  • special vehicles for large volumes and weights;

  • management of documentation and reports in real time on customized shipping based on customer requirements.



  • All the various types of transport such as: containers, groupage and complete in and out of shape, large plants, heavy lifts, break-bulk.

  • Weekly groupage service, dedicated to and from the main ports in the world, with consolidation and deconsolidation of goods in controlled or owned warehouses.

  •   Management of all stages of the process: collection, transport, boarding, customs clearance, delivery.

  • Door to door and port to port services.



  • All the various types of transport such as: groupage and complete vehicles in shape and out of shape, with departures from and to any European and non-European destination.

  • Experience in the most “challenging” destinations / origins such as: Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, Iran, Turkey and the whole Middle East.

  • ADR goods Distribution and collection in Italy.

  • Reliability guaranteed by the traceability system up to delivery.

  • Assistance in insurance, customs and currency matters.



  • Daily departures to and from all world airports.

  • Consolidated multi-weekly shipments, with direct flights to and from the main airports.

  • Assistance for boarding, disembarking and customs clearance procedures in all airports in the world.

  • Management, collections and deliveries with dedicated vehicles, palletisation with highly qualified personnel and forwarding to air carriers with their own vehicles.

  • Compliance with the highest safety requirements.

  • Assistance in insurance, customs and currency matters.

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