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The wooden cages are packaging consisting of a wooden base and side and top coverings composed of alternating wooden boards, which partially protect the contents.

Very resistant to mechanical stress, wooden cages are preferred when there is a need for strength and lightness at the same time.

They can be equipped with iron brackets and cantonals to protect the lifting points. Furthermore, iron plates can be installed on the base that allow rapid extraction from any type of BOX container.

Wooden crates represent a valid alternative to wooden crates, ideal for packing goods that do not require full coverage. They are also cheaper (less raw material used) and offer the possibility of being reused.

They can be combined with the use of a barrier bag or white heat-shrink polyethylene (see  accessories ), for further protection of the content or in the case of products sensitive to atmospheric conditions.

  • SIZE: custom design, no limitations

  • MATERIAL: wood from certified supply chains, compliant with HT ISPM 15 IPPC FAO regulations.


    • iron brackets and cantonals to protect the lifting points.

    • base with iron plates, for quick extraction.

    • cover with barrier bag or white heat-shrink polyethylene,  to protect against atmospheric agents.

    • lid cover with white polyethylene, 400 micron BOLD polyethylene and galvanized sheet

  • USE: suitable for all types of transport

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