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Wooden bases and pallets are economical solutions, which allow you to fix the material to ensure its stability. The bespoke design, however, makes them suitable for supporting any type of product, even with heavy loads.

They offer the possibility of structuring the bottom by means of iron brackets, designed to guarantee the protection of the lifting points. They can also be equipped with iron plates, for rapid extraction from any type of BOX container.

The wooden bases and pallets are ideal support platforms for handling goods through forklifts and transpallets, for transport and storage. Furthermore, the pallets can also be supplied in combination with  cardboard packaging.

They are used for any type of shipment and, compared to any other wooden packaging, they guarantee net cost savings.

  • SIZE: custom design, no limitations

  • MATERIAL: wood from certified supply chains, compliant with HT ISPM 15 IPPC FAO regulations


    • content protection with shrink film or barrier bag

    • equipped with iron plates to facilitate the extraction of the goods.

  • USE: suitable for all types of transport

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