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The wooden crates are very high-performance packaging, consisting of a wooden base and side and top coverings made up of wooden boards (juxtaposed or tapped).

Thanks to the completely closed structure, the wooden crates are particularly robust and resistant to mechanical and atmospheric stress, able to cope with any load requirement.

Furthermore, the wooden crates make any kind of interference impossible, guaranteeing the total protection of the product from any accidental damage during the handling, transport and / or storage phases.

They are suitable for all types of transport. In case of shipment by air, they are equipped with inspection windows (see  accessories ) for viewing the content.

Possibility of adapting them to any type of measure, both in container shape and out of shape.

  • SIZE: custom design, no limitations

  • MATERIAL: wood from certified supply chains, compliant with HT ISPM 15 IPPC FAO regulations.

  • ACCESSORIES:  the material can be fixed, tied and strapped through special wedges and anchoring boards inside the crates  under the base of the wooden crate it is possible to bolt iron plates to facilitate the extraction of the goods at their destination.

  • the lid can be covered with white polyethylene, 400 micron BOLD polyethylene and galvanized sheet.

  • USE: suitable for all types of transport

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