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Warehouse and Storage Division

We produce  customized packaging, packaging for all kinds of goods, special packaging, industrial packaging, packaging by sea, by land and by air; we supply crates, cages, platforms with protection  vci  (anti-corrosion), as well as accessories for packaging in compliance with current regulations.
Our team, made up of specialized professionals, is able to provide solutions for all types of packaging, from small and medium-sized tailor-made works, to solutions for large industrial packaging, with technologically innovative product and goods protection solutions. .
The packaging sector requires continuous updates both for the evolution and for the variety of the market; all this takes place without neglecting the relationship with the customer in order to understand their needs and provide them with the most appropriate and safe packaging possible.
To this end, it is primary to carry out a  preventive inspection  to better inspect the activities to be planned. The latter vary according to the characteristics of the goods (weight, bulk, deterioration, fragility and its nature), the mode of transport (time and means used), the legislative provisions of the country in which the work is carried out (Mand Group operates in all over the world) and the storage conditions that the packaging will have to endure during any stops in ports, airports or railway and customs stations in general.
Once all the needs have been identified, the design will be carried out which must respond to all the dictates of stability and safety, safeguarding of the content, (waterproofing, hygrometric state, condensation, thermal insulation, internal ventilation, protection from intrusions and leaks, protection from bumps or shocks) , while maintaining a high degree of usability, i.e. ease of use and maneuver, ease of inspection, ease of disassembly and lightness.
Our know-how allows us to offer a service that satisfies any need in the packaging sector, making us the reference in our sector.

  • no size and / or weight limit;

  • suitable for any type of transport (road, air, rail and sea);

  • compliance with UNI 9151, 1-3 and international standards;

  • third party liability policy for packaging - transport products.

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Wooden packaging

Mand Group produces Industrial Packaging using semi-finished wood and plywood. The design takes into account
of multiple factors, such as transport and related needs, protection from atmospheric agents, composition
and type of product, logistics, proposing the most convenient solutions.

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