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Mechanical Division

Transfer services  civil and industrial installations

We offer “Turn Key” services for the transfer and installation of machinery and industrial plant lines; we are able to carry out any operation, from the installation of complete production lines, to the movement of machinery and systems.
We have the essential equipment and skilled labor to carry out the interventions with a high level of professionalism and quality.
The relocation of plants can vary from internal relocations of small and medium-sized machinery to transfers of entire production lines, transferring and reassembling also in other parts of the world.

Services available:

  • evaluation of plant or machinery status by qualified technicians;

  • drafting  plan for defining intervention procedures;

  • definition of technical solutions (areas, segregations, regulations…);

  • sharing interventions for the transfer;

  • production and quality checks with joint report;

  • disassembly and reassembly "as is" as per customer layout;

  • assistance to the "Start-up" and entry into production;

  • production and quality tests.

Technical resources and specialized manpower:

  • resources with mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic skills;

  • resources with electrical skills;

  • resources with electronic, software and robotics skills;

  • resources with logistical skills for handling and support activities.


Maintenance and assembly services for civil and industrial systems

We offer assembly and maintenance services for civil and industrial systems, collaborating with the major national and international companies, guaranteeing a service all over the world.

Services available:

  • on call services;

  • ordinary, preventive and extraordinary maintenance;

  • annual maintenance contracts;

  • design of maintenance cycles (TPM);

  • maintenance of molds and tools;

  • mechanical, electromechanical and hydraulic installations and assemblies;

  • welding on any type of material;

  • certification of plants according to current regulations.

We provide technicians and skilled labor such as fitters, assemblers, certified and non-certified welders, carpenters, mechanics, electromechanicals, electricians, electronics, plumbers and plumbers.

We carry out construction and assembly works for machines, systems and industrial automation, guaranteeing assistance on construction sites in Italy and abroad.

We perform plant technological services, plant engineering with on-board machine services, assembly of complete systems and  of pipes of any material.

We carry out welding work with specialized and certified technicians.

We supply constructions,  assembly and installation of iron, steel, aluminum carpentry, as well as the preparation of "rack" support lines.

Services overhauling and upgrading of machinery, equipment and systems

We offer revamping and updating services  of obsolete machinery and plants in order to adapt them to current regulations.

Services available:

  • machine status evaluation;

  • updating of technical documentation;

  • drafting  improvement plan  with the definition of the interventions;

  • construction and interventions on electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic lines;

  • definition of technical solutions (areas, segregations, regulations…);

  • standard and custom-made mechanical protections designed and built on site;

  • design and implementation of technical interventions for the adaptation of machines and production lines;

  • sharing adaptation interventions.

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